It is just the flu people!

What is it with the media in this country? You would think from the way they are reporting swine flu, the world is coming to an end. Each year between 37,000 and 40,000 people die from influenza. This outcome is easily changed by getting a flu shot each and every year. In fact, this year’s flu shot appears to be working very effectively against the swine flu. This strain of flu is actually a milder form of influenza, lasting generally about one day. Not a single US citizen has died from swine flu, Rather they have affected people from Mexico. The young child that died recently in Texas, was actually a citizen of Mexico who came to El Paso to visit relatives. He became sick after he was here and was taken to a hospital in central Texas where he later died. The question that healthcare professionals are raising, is what other undiagnosed diseases are present in these individuals who are dying allegedly from the swine flu. Between the poorer state of air quality in Mexico City, undiagnosed AIDS and tuberculosis and other diseases, is what is actually attributing to the death rate.

One day maybe the media will wake up and decide to try and present factual and complete information in news stories to allow the public to decide for themselves on an issue. Closing an entire city’s school systems, such as Fort Worth, as a result of one confirmed case of swine flu, seems absolutely ridiculous. One of the ironic situations that’s already taking place, is that school officials have urged the children from those school systems who have closed their schools, to stay home and not interact with others to be safe from swine flu. They interviewed one teenager yesterday who was hanging around the shopping mall with his cousin because, after all, the school system did not say to avoid shopping malls. Wake up America! Do your homework and read the facts and relax. It is just the flu!

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  1. auntie ashley Says:

    Well said! And all those poor UIL kids whose events are cancelled, especially HS juniors and seniors who are trying to get noticed for college in sports, fine arts, etc. Not cool…

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