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The 3 Day Walk Was a Success!

Monday, October 29th, 2007

What a great experience for Peggy and I. Working Crew gave us a whole new experience that we will remember for years to come. There were almost 2,500 people that walked, most of which were women. There were walkers as young as their early 20’s and as old as their early 70’s. A Navy Sargent & Army Sargent walked together with their full packs the first day – those packs weigh 60 pounds. When asked why they were walking, they said because. Breast cancer touches so many lives, and it was amazing to listen to all of the stories from the people that were involved. Through the efforts of everyone involved, this event raised over $6.5 million for breast cancer research. Both the CEO and the National Spokesperson for the Susan Komen Foundation are breat cancer survivors themselves.

Ashley, Chris, Marietta, Erin and her sister Katy all walked this year. They were smart and paced themselves so that no one really was hurting too bad when they walked in to the closing ceremonies last night. As Crew, we were there to support the walkers, doing everything from assisting with serving meals, to manning the pit stops, to medical care, to medical transport, to traffic/route safety, to clean-up. It was very humbling to be honored at the closing ceremonies, when we were there to support the real hard workers, the walkers. You never think walking 60 miles over 3 days is a big deal. Try it sometime. My entire 3 days was spent as a medical transport volunteer. Working closely with the medical staff, I was able to see first hand the toll that this walk took on so many people. Feet with so many blisters, it was hard to walk. Ankles and knees that hurt really bad. People that did not hydrate themselves enough, and were being given IVs at a pit stop; some of which were severe enough that it required a trip to the hospital. The intense disappointment and feeling of defeat from the women who were told that they could not walk any more by the medical staff. Through it all, the intense commitment to make it through the entire journey. I made several trip to and from the hospital for various medical issues. The medical transport team were used when the medical situation was too difficult for the medical staff, but not severe enough for an ambulance. I tried my best to cheer up the people who ended up in that situation.

Peggy worked on the SAG buses which took walkers to camp because, for one reason or another, they just could not walk any more that day. Those faces were very beaten, and Peggy, being the cheerleader that she is, gave words of encouragement. Just by being at this event meant that they had already raised at least $2200, which is the ultimate goal. Walking 60 miles, or however far you can, was the bonus. Plus, they ALL wanted to walk over the finish line!

We will volunteer again next year? You bet! If you ever have a chance to be involved in this great cause, do it! It is an experience that you will never forget. I will either volunteer for medical transport again next year, or maybe route safety. Peggy and I can ride our Harleys, and make sure that the walkers get across all intersections safely. Either way, we will be there to support everyone again. Congratulations to all of the walkers for their determination, hard work and success.

The bonus for me was being able to sleep with over 2000 women 2 nights in a row, and talk about nothing but boobs!!! Care to join in next year???