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Ok, I’m ready!

Monday, August 6th, 2007

Let’s go for a ride, he says.  Ok, after checking the radar to determine that we are clear of any rain, let’s go!  So, I change into my jeans, my boots, my Harley belt, which shirt should I wear, and do I need a vest, which one?  Grab my pouch which hooks to my left belt loops.  Whoops, do I have my license, my lipstick and my eyedrops?  How does my makeup look?  Don’t forget to go potty!  Ok, I have made my way out of the bedroom, and into the kitchen.  Hey, where are we going to ride to, do I need to check any maps?  Ok, so I fix my hair into a ponytail, which doo-rag matches my outfit?  Ok, tie it around my head, make sure that my bike keys are attached to my right belt loop.  Are my goggles clean?  Make sure that there aren’t any finger marks on my heltmet.   Oops, we need to set the house alarm, and as I lock the door, the keys go into my pouch.  Ok, where is my Nano?  Oh yeah, it is already on the bike, and dang it I need some water.  Grab a bottle from the fridge in the garage, and put it in my water bottle holder.  Ok, I straddle the bike, gloves on and secure?, plug into the CB & music.  Helmet strapped, yikes the left ear pad is not sitting quite right so I need to adjust it.  Ok, it feels good.  Put on your gloves and give the bike power to make sure that the volume on the Nano is ok.  Alright, put the bike in neutral, and slowy back it out of the garage.  There is no reverse, so this is all manual stuff, slowly, slowly, slowly moving my feet backwards.  Whoops, watch the lip of the garage, uh a little too far to the left, ok good.  With a little manuvering, it is nearly a straight shot out of the driveway.  Pull in the clutch, press run, is the bike in neutral or first? and start the engine.  What a sweet sound!  Can I just sit here and listen to it for a little while?  Come on, let’s just give it a little throttle and wake the neighbors.  Then I hear Bert say, let’s roll.  Ok, make sure you hit the bottom of the driveway straight, and slowly make your right turn.  Accelerate, and get to the corner, turn right, and we are on our way.  Ok, whew, I’m ready!