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Now she really did it!!

Sunday, July 15th, 2007

Peggy decided to ride on her own bike to Hico, Texas (home and burial place of Billy the Kid) yesterday, and she did great. We had about 40 bikes that went on the ride. We left home at 730am to meet everyone up in Denton, and did not return until after 530pm. Choker lead a separate pod of new group riders down to Hico, so that he could work with them and improve their skills. Choker put Peggy as his wingman so he could watch her closely. Man am I glad that she has a CB on that bike because Choker could talk to her all the way down. It came in very handy as we were on Hwy 51 (I think), or maybe CO202, because there were lots of sharp curves. She made it without any hassle at all, and everyone else applauded when their pod arrived in Hico. She rode about 270 miles total on Saturday, which is quite an accomplishment for someone whose longest ride before that was 16 miles!

I was in the first pod, and was asked to be Holly’s wingman. Since she mapped out the route, she got to lead the first of four pods. She does like to take her curves, and it was a good challenge for me to gain some confidence in taking the curves a bit faster. Thanks Holly!

Rev lead us home, with Buffy on his wing, then me, then Peggy, then Judy, then Mike and his wife, who was in front of him on her trike. They split off when we hit 35 to go home, and Judy did a great job on being our rear rode captain the rest of the way home. It was a great day, a great ride, and a great experience for Peggy. And the second best part…………we had no rain!

She did it!!

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007

Well we crossed a major milestone last night with Peggy. She rode her Harley for the first time outside of the immediate area around our house. She rode by herself to the riding skills practice that Choker and Don held. She rode incredibly well, and at first just watched everyone else going through the drills. Don came up to her after about 30 minutes, and told her to get on her bike as he was going to work with her one-on-one. Don told her, “After all, this is why you rode up here!”

They worked with her on turns, slow riding, and a few other skills. They even had her doing figures eights by the end of the night! When we got home, she said that she was glad she went, and even had fun on the way home. We will try to ride separately on Wednesday night’s dinner ride, which will be good practice for her. We will also be able to get both bikes blessed if she goes on her bike. Then, on Saturday, we are thinking about doing a 119 mile ride (one way) to Hico, Texas for lunch. Choker wants to get a few more newbies to group riding and split them off in a separate pod to practice those skills. I hope we can do it since Peggy will get the real thrill of the open road and not city riding.

Thanks to all of you who provided the support for Peggy as she learned to ride.