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Beware of the “lasers”

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

Peggy had Lasik surgery performed yesterday morning at the Tylock Eye Care Center in Irving. This technology is amazing! The procedure was in two steps. The first uses a laser to cut a flap in the cornea…took about 30 seconds per eye. The second step uses a second laser to make the corrections in her vision. Again it took about 30 seconds per eye. No pain, no discomfort at all.

I drove her home, gave her the sleeping pill from the doc, and she slept for about 4.5 hours. She woke up and smiled as she emerged from the bedroom that her distance vision was now perfect. She stayed awake for another 2 hours, took another pill and slept for over 10 hours. I had to get her up at 700am to make sure she was OK. Remember that we are early risers. We have a follow-up appointment at 11:00am today, and depending on what the doc says, and of course our wonderful weather, we hope to go riding later on today. She wants to transition to the streets now on her Softail.

Peggy has worn contacts for 25 years, and worn glasses for over 35 years……..not any more:)

The Softail modifications are complete

Monday, June 11th, 2007

We finished the last modifications on the Softail to allow Peggy to ride it easier. The last two modifications were to lower the front by an inch, and to rake back the handle bars and adjust the brake and clutch levers for her. We previously lowered the rear and bought a seat that sits lower on the bike.

We had her out Saturday morning in a parking lot between some new office condos that are still vacant. She did great! She did some laps, then I had her doing large lap figure 8’s, and she rode like a pro.

We went for a nice ride to St. Jo with Daryl and Judy on Sunday morning on the Ultra, and Peggy mapped out a great route to get us there. On the way home, she said that she was ready to graduate to the neighborhood streets next. Since I am out of town through Thursday, it will need to wait for the weekend. If all goes well, maybe she will ride it herself to one of the kids houses this weekend.

Live to ride, ride to live (eat).