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Well we did it!

Sunday, May 13th, 2007

I bought a Ultra and took delivery this last Friday. What a sweet ride. Peggy loves being a passenger on this bike, but that will be short-lived since she is preparing to ride the Softail. I am only waiting for one small bracket to complete the modifications to the Sorftail to enable Peggy to ride that bike.

We rode about 130 miles today northwest of where we live, and you gotta love Texas for all of its scenery. We rode through Ponder and Krum, and went to Sanger. Then we turned around and went back the same way to drop in on the new Mayor of Double Oak….our dear friend Pam King. She whipped her challengers ass, so it was not even a close race. I think that she may be the first female Mayor in the city of Double Oak.

We modeled in a HD fashion show Friday night….the hot 50’s group.. and then went up on Saturday morning for the chapter meeting and more fund raising for the Cumberland House. The ribs were the best I have ever had, and LOH raised over $600 in donations for drinks for the kids.

We are so excited with our new bike, and even more excited that our kids want to join us on the road as soon as they can. Ride to live and Live to Ride. Wade and Branden… I am sure that Mimi will loan you her bike to go on rides with us. We would love have you join us….Rider’s Edge.