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Our first long distance Harley ride

Saturday, April 28th, 2007

What a blast! We joined 88 other people on 61 other bikes to take a lovely ride to Fredericksberg for a long weekend. We met up at a gas station off of 35W, just south of the Texas Motor Speedway.

Once we had been split into our 5 separate groups, the local Sheriff blocked traffic on the service road so that we could all leave together. We rode on the interstates for about 20 miles until we could exit for better scenery on our ride. We saw an AWACS plane taking off from the local air force base in Fort Worth. It was huge! Having the new CB radio with the intercom and Ipod attached made the ride that much nicer. We were able to talk to other riders in our group, as well as talk to each other easily.

With a lunch stop, and two fuel stops, it took us just under 8 hours to reach our destination. We then all walked over to a German restaurant and ate and drank lots of good German beer. There was a live band playing as well, and it was wild.

Saturday we joined with another 12 bikes to do our own tour of the area. We went back to a 16 mile circle that went up into the mountains, where we could take pictures. The bluebonnets were incredible this year. The next time you talk to Peggy, ask her about the Grey Poupon story. We then went to Luckenbach, which is a crazy little town that got its claim to fame by all the country western stars that would show up to play one night. People such as Willie Nelson have performed in this little town.

Sunday morning we woke up to rain! It was a bit unnerving for both of us since we had not had a chance to take this challenge yet. Fortunately, it was just misting, and Marvin and Fran led us home very safely. Marvin and Fran have been married for 48 years, and they are great people. Our Gortex rain gear worked very well, and after about 90 minutes of riding, we had dry roads all of the rest of the way home.

Peggy has decided to get her own bike, and we are seriously considering lowering the Softtail and purchasing a lower seat for her. I will then buy a Ultra Classic Touring Bike for those longer rides. We will wait and see before we make the final decision. Be sure to check out the gallery pictures from our trip.