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Live to ride, and ride to live (eat)

Friday, March 30th, 2007

Well we have been riding now for over 3 months, and I have to say it is a blast. Peggy makes the perfect passenger, and we ordered some cool radio equipment today. This will allow us to talk to each other over an intercom radio, talk to other riders in our group via CB, listen to music from our iPod, and have access to a weather radio as well. Our friend Darryll is going to be kind enough to help me install it.

Peggy is in class this week to learn to ride. She has the added advantage of being in a women’s only class, so it will be less intimidating for her. If she decides that she wants to start riding on her own, we will see how she does on the Softail Classic. If she handles that well, then I will move to an Ultra Classic.

Don’t hesitate to check out pictures from our rides. I am tying to get Peggy to remember our own camera as well. these are at You can also see ride oictures at This is our local HOG group.

The boat is nowe sold, and we are both happy and a bit sad that this chapter in our life is now closed. At least we were able to give Branden and Chris the Skis, tow rope and great life jackets before it went. Riding is much more fun, and you don’t need water:)