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More pictures of the wedding

Wednesday, March 15th, 2006

Ok,I put some more wedding pictures up tonight to look at. Keep them coming! Emily, where are yours? You have some great shots!

Had a few beers with my son today after a great day working at home. The more I get to talk to him, the more I realize just exactly how damn smart he is. The man is like a sponge with information. I enjoy the interactions with him, and the challenging questions he poses to me. Can a son be a co-mentor? I love it. Heh, I hope you make out with your puts for NFLD!

The Wedding is Complete

Friday, March 10th, 2006

What a great time had by all. The nasty weather that was supposed to come, never did-YEAH! We have perfect weather. The Great Grandmothers were there, as well as my sister and her family from Chicago. My father and his wife came in from Iowa. In all, we had about 100 people in attendance.

Given that the wedding was at Cross Timbers Winery, we hade made the decision to serve wine as people arrived. I bet it is the first wedding ceremony that everyone ever attended where they could sip wine during a wedding.

I have begun to post some of the pictures of the wedding in the gallery on my web site. Some of these are not real focused, but give credit where credit is due, the young Brennan King took may of these for us. As I get more sent to me, I will replace the fuzzy ones.

Thanks to all of you who were there to support Wade and Ashley. Your presence was worth more than you will know.